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Sunflower House is a non-profit dedicated to protecting children from physical and sexual abuse through education, advocacy, forensic, medical, and mental health services in Overland Park, Kansas. Our goal was to create thoughtful portraits of 3 children to illustrate the strength, imagination and perseverance of children for the Valentine's Gala in 2021, at the Sporting KC stadium. Live drawing videos were used on large, vertical screens throughout the event. Still portraits with the sketched overlay were used throughout the marketing and decor. 

We used poses that were wistful, strong and slightly curious. Every effort was made to avoid sad, hurt, melancholy expressions that evoke negative feelings. Instead, the key was to show strength, inspire hope and the chance to overcome. We worked with the event planner and an artist who captures live drawing to illustrate the hope of childhood, even through difficult times. The simple backgrounds, clothing and soft lighting created a minimalist image to let the artist's renderings stand out. The final product encouraged nostalgia that reminded donors of their own dreams and hopes as children. Sunflower children, like all children, still dream and all children deserve to receive the help they need to overcome. 

Producing this shoot included coordination on style, atmosphere, backdrop colors and agency model selection with the client through two rounds of treatments. We used Sunflower House's building space for our shoot location in order to save studio fees for our non-profit client. A lighting and tech assistant was on set throughout the day to help coordinating models, lighting and anticipate any other needs. This project was pitched, negotiated, shot and delivered over three weeks. 

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sunflower house : annual fundraiser portraits

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