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I am an architectural and hospitality photographer documenting commercial and residential spaces and women-owned brands in Kansas City, MO / Kansas City, KS and throughout the Midwest. 

The perfectionist introvert in me loves to photograph commercial architecture. I've worked on corporate, civic and hospitality architecture projects, as well as contemporary homes for architects, property developers, contractors and interior designers.

Stunning and thoughtful design inspires me to create images that capture the unique atmosphere for each of the projects I photograph. Through a combination of thoughtful planning, intentional lighting, and a genuine love of light and design. 

The creative designer in me loves to collaborate and conceptualize ideas. We love working with brands and marketing agencies that appreciate someone who can take their ideas and run, overcoming any obstacles, to deliver impeccable content on time, with ease, every time and have a blast doing it.

I regularly serve Denver, CO and Columbus, OH, the southwest US. I've photograph projects from Woodstock, Vermont to Malibu, CA and a resort on a private island in Belize. My clients appreciate the ability to collaborate with someone they already trust, no matter where their project is happens to be located. 

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architectural and interior design photography

Do you require a retainer?

Offering drone coverage allows us to give you options to highlight buildings from unique perspectives and angles. We also offer pass-by video coverage as an option to incorporate for your most important portfolio projects and marketing pieces. 

Do you offer drone coverage?

Many of my clients prefer a hands-off approach. I spend our agreed allotted time to I photograph as much during the time that I have. Afterward, you select which images you would prefer to license.

We also have clients, art directors and creative agencies that prefer a produced shoot where we only focus on “hero” shots. You are present at the shoot, helping direct, stage, etc. Specific images are pre-conceived and agreed upon in the contract and licensing terms in advance.

photo shoot logistics for architectural projects

For Architectural Projects: We require a retainer for projects with new clients and clients that tend to pay later than previously agreed terms. 

For all other projects we require payments in advance based on the specifics and kind of shoot.

photographer + owner

I love creating unique images that evoke great emotion and connect a viewer with a purpose. The excitement and fulfillment I get from seeing a vision from concept through each and every detail to fruition is unmatched by nearly everything else in my life (read easily distracted by puppies).

The studio is a full-service addition to any team. We're here to collaborate with you and keep as much off of your plate as possible. We'll stay on top of every aspect from casting to styling. We're here not just to create gorgeous images but to tell your story like you never have before.

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Tourism + resort + Hospitality Lifestyle photography

founder/owner at Dig Marketing

Lindsay came highly recommended by an executive within Briarcliff when I was seeking a food photographer for Trezo Mare Restaurant. As dishes flew from the kitchen, Lindsay remained calm and focused on capturing beautiful images of each dish and cocktail. She is extremely professional, and it has been amazing to watch her in action. My assistant and I stood by quietly, prepared to gather items while she staged each shot perfectly. The first time we met in person, I felt like we had been friends for years. She is personable and has a great sense of humor, even under the most stressful circumstances. If you're seeking a photographer, I recommend the multi-talented Lindsay Lack!

humble brags


humble brags


I am excited to recommend Lindsay! She's a wonderful, creative artist and photographer! She was flexible and creative. Lindsay is easy to work with, you will LOVE her!

ad executive : dietz studios

You cannot go wrong with Lindsay! She listens, she's present and funny to boot. Plus, she knows how to capture the essence of who you are through her lens and that right there is all you could ever ask for. 

owner, simple empathy holistic wellness

Lindsay is amazing. Just as you would tell from her imagery she is a funny, passionate, caring and curious person who embraces life and all the people in it. She is a consummate professional and a superb artist. 

commercial photographer

Lindsay is the best! Whether it is lifestyle photos or any other projects she is so easy to work with and flexible to meet your needs. She makes everyone feel comfortable, and the photos always turn out really fantastic. We appreciate her as an extension of our team!

owner, kc local homes

We're nimble. We travel. We have a breadth of clientele. With an extensive list of studios throughout KC and our regularly served areas, we pick the perfect studio for each assignment. All the options, less overhead.

We're nimble. We travel. We have a breadth of clientele. We know people.
With an extensive list of studios throughout KC and our regularly served areas, we pick the perfect studio for each assignment. All the options, less overhead.

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