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Our studio has morphed with the growth of our business. We've transformed from a beautiful, but specifically styled space in the West Bottoms of Kansas City, to be more agile and accommodating to the changing needs of our clients. We have a vast array of amazing spaces, some of which we've gained access to through our networks - are unique and complimentary. Others, are highly stylized and kitted out with every bell and whistle a highly produced commercial shoot needs. Through our network we have the right space for the shoot, everytime. 

I love creating unique images that evoke great emotion and really connect a viewer with a purpose. The excitement and fulfillment I get from seeing a vision from concept through each and every detail to fruition is unmatched by nearly everything else in my life (read easily distracted by puppies).

I was in advanced math classes all through school (secret: I hate math). In addition to my photojournalism degree, I have a political science degree, but no desire to ever become a lawyer (fact memorization is not my thing). I love meeting amazing people and telling their stories. I love travel, wine, good food and my dogs. 

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The studio is a full service addition to any team. We're here to collaborate with you, but also keep as much off of your plate as possible. The process can be daunting, but we'll stay on top of every aspect from casting to styling. We're here not just to create gorgeous images but to make your life and the shoot process as easy as possible.




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