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Stephanie & Trey’s Richard-Hart Estate Wedding Album – Denver Wedding Photographer

Stephanie & Trey planned a magical wedding full of little details that made it completely personal to them. I get giddy when couples take their wedding and make it their own instead of just following the same old traditions.  The whole day was so simple, but so perfect at the same time. Stephanie wore a simple hand-sewn gown topped off with a beautiful string of pearls and some really awesome yellow shoes. The groom had a matching yellow tie and brown dress shoes.

As guests arrived to the estate in the middle of a Denver park, they picked out colorful programs took their seats under the shade trees. The weather was perfect, nice and sunny with the occasional whispy cloud and a slight breeze. Guests sitting on the aisle were asked to pick out flowers from a birch jar to hand to the bride as she walked down the aisle.

The couple each had a bridal posse instead of regular attendants, lots of friends on hand to help Stephanie get dress and help set up chairs and the sound system before the day began. Instead of standing up with the couple, each member of the posse walked down the aisle, took yellow flower petals from a basket and poured them out to make a circle for the couple to stand in for their ceremony.

After a ceremony filled with tears, we grabbed a few quick family photos and then headed over to Vita Restaurant for some appetizers, dinner, plenty of conversation and some pot-luck pie. Stephanie and Trey, neither a fan of cake, asked friends and family members in the Denver area to bake and bring their favorite kind of pie (apparently, a hold-over tradition from family summer celebrations at a lake house).

They had not planned on having a first dance or doing any of the wedding rituals, simply spending time and talking with their friends and family was the best way for them to celebrate. Although, right before I left, they spontaneously had their first dance with everyone watching (and crying) on Vita’s rooftop terrace under the stars.


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