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Newborn Photographer – Kansas City At Home Newborn Session

At Home Newborn Photographer

Just inside their front door is a gallery. Images from years ago. Images from last year. All are photographs I’ve taken to document their lives. I’ve been photographing this couple (now foursome!) since before they were married. Engagement session through two littles. The gallery makes me so happy. It’s a reminder to me of how much my work means to my clients. There is nothing better than seeing the years worth of effort, planning, and creation come together to illustrate their lives. Up on the wall, where the photos belong, they are able to see them every single day.

Being a newborn photographer and loving it as much as I do, is one of the most unexpected things. There is something about the quiet tranquility in the house right after a new baby comes home. At home newborn photography is definitely the way to go. We take our time. There is no rush. We work on baby’s schedule. Our newborn session includes plenty of time to get baby to sleep, to photograph each family member interacting and to ensure that there is as little stress involved as possible.

In Kansas City, there are so many gorgeous locations to take family portraits later on. (I have a whole secret Pinterest board of them that my clients can access!) At home for a newborn makes things easy for the new mom and dad. No packing a million items, braving the weather, whether hot or cold. No stress of having to arrive on time and trying to wrangle kiddos into a car. I show up with all the things we’ll need. There are always a window for the gorgeous natural light portraits to document tiny toes, noses and all the wonder that is a fresh, new human.


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