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Finally! After so many indecisive months, I think I’ve finally chosen a new website! (I think it pretty much has everything I had on my list.)

So here’s the story. I try to be well informed, to the point of getting lost in the details on occasion (ok, lots). This is why I need Steve (my husband). Although, he too tends to be a perfectionist, he is a decision maker. Unlike him, I couldn’t possibly order something at a restaurant without reading the entire menu (Although I love the food, the 12-page 3 Margaritas menu stresses me out.)

Anyway, for months (quite possibly over a year) I’ve been searching through websites… friends, colleagues, photographers, every design company, website company…. I can get to load into my browser. I’ve been taking screenshots, making notes, collecting style tips. [PS Evernote is an awesome organization tool!] I’ve never been able to hone in on exactly what I want. There are too many options, too many choices. How could I ever commit to just one!?


{fade back in time}

I sat at a workshop on the south side of Denver in some hotel conference room on a beautiful summer day. There were many, many tips offered up at this meeting, however, the one that pertains in this situation was offered up by one of the local guest speakers. She was talking about trying to decide what house they were going to buy so they could have an in house studio (…. foreshadowing here!)


{back to reality}

What a concept. I am the queen of lists, however, in this case, I had yet to write down exactly all of the features I did want AND all of the features I didn’t. Finally, two weeks ago, as I was again, aimlessly meandering through a multitude of design sites, I finally came across a site that offered so many options, it forced me to start writing things down.

After all of the research I’d done, I knew what my must haves were. On March 9th, I had a list.

Once I had the list I could compare everything I saw to it. I made myself stick to the points. Ignore the fancy design elements. The template had to be flexible like the floor plan of a house. It doesn’t matter if the carpet is crap, every wall is plastered in orange 70s wallpaper and the kitchen needs new countertops. As long as the floor plan works, everything else can be adjusted. The design elements don’t have to be perfect but the bones do.

So finally, I’ve chosen one and just like the guest speaker from a year ago, I’d already come across it before, it just didn’t know it had everything I wanted because I hadn’t made the list.

*Whew*  I feel good. Now to the store for dog food. And maybe I should do my hair before my new client meeting tonight!

(now I just have to implement it!)

– Lindsay


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