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I’m so excited to show off these portraits of Leanna & Tate and the newest addition to their family, Nash. I feel like I create such a connection with my wedding clients. I love that they feel more like family friends than they ever felt like clients. Leanna was referred to me by her friend for Leanna’s wedding last June. Then, while I was meeting with another wedding client this spring (a referral from Leanna) I found out that she was expecting and I was overjoyed! I knew how excited they were to start a family and I knew all about their awesome support system of friends and parents.

When I walked into their house, it was quiet, but in a very peaceful way. Leanna greeted me with a smile. She was so happy, she just glowed and even Tate, who wasn’t to excited about shooting the maternity session was so enraptured by the new little guy that he couldn’t help but be happy the whole afternoon. Everything wasn’t perfect, the baby was fussy and the diapers were leaky, but it didn’t matter, because Nash had arrived happy and healthy.

AND enormous kudos to Leanna’s mom for coming back at the end of the session from a grocery store run. She instantly put Nash to sleep and was an expert baby moulder for our “baby as art” portraits.

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