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Michelle & Jeff’s Brainard Lake engagement session – colorado engagement photographer

I met Michelle and Jeff through fellow running friends. We instantly hit it off when we got together to chat about their wedding. We bonded over our love of dogs, hiking and adventuring. While their wedding will be here in Kansas City, we decided on a destination engagement session in the mountains. They wanted to do something unique and Brainard Lake in Colorado was perfect for some amazing scenery. We had an extra someone join our session as well. Their adorable dog, Allie, came along for the hike. I love when fur babies come to sessions with us. They are a part of your family so why not commemorate the day with them.

We started in the early afternoon at Brainard Lake State Park, just up the mountains from Boulder. I had first been to this spot years ago to photograph a tiny wedding on the banks of the lake. This place has always been very soothing and serene to me, so I was super excited when they agreed on the spot. The smell of pine and fresh air, are always so quick to clear my head.  Jeff had been hiking here before and the two of them absolutely love the mountains and going on adventures together.

We really wanted to capture that spirit between the two of them. This was more than just an engagement session, this was an epic day of hiking, picnicking and toughing out the weather with some photography mixed in to capture their time together. They were troopers and braved the cold and wind.

As the sun started to set, we took cover from the wind, which was quickly becoming a gale. We huddle together and had snacks in the car to wait for the stars to come out. Once it was finally pitch black, we trooped out by the lake to grab a starlight photo. With wind gusts pushing 50 mile per hour that night, they had to sit by the lake in order to not be blown away.

Thanks for such an amazing time and spending the day in the mountains with me! I cannot wait to be on that hill top garden with you next fall!


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