Lindsay J C

Boxes were strewn all over the dining room, the bar was bare, staff were testing recipes in the brand new kitchen. We walked into a space that was still technically under construction on shoot day. The contractor was installing fixtures in the bathroom, the sign guys were putting up giant window clings in every window, the liquor delivery had yet to be made. We're nimble, we adjusted, recalculated and started with the spaces that had been finished. My interior design assistant delegated MCBC staff for projects to make the space come together in the areas that weren't yet ready and kept tabs on them throughout the day, making sure to stay one step ahead of me. The liquor was delivered just in time. All staff were on deck to pull the bar together before it's big shot. What you don't see off camera are all the boxes, tape and mess that was shuffled around to make each shot absolutely perfect. 

for Collins webb architecture

martin city brewing co


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