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Jillian & Pierre’s Wedding at St. Malo’s Chapel and Wild Basin Lodge – Estes Park Wedding Photographer

Jillian & Pierre’s wedding was a full French Catholic celebration at St. Malo’s (a beautiful little chapel halfway between Allenspark and Estes Park) then they headed over to Wild Basin Lodge for the rest of the party. I was second shooting for Jonathan. It is a lot of fun to be able to not worry about all of the time schedule and the group lists and just shoot what I see! Pierre had a lot of family that flew in from France for the wedding. I tried to put my high school French to good use, but since I haven’t used it in over four years (when I was in Europe), most of it didn’t come back to me until later that night after I’d left the party. That night, I dreamed in French. Anyway, my absolute favorite photo is about halfway down, Pierre’s mother is leaned over, praying with some beautiful window light in the background. Enjoy!

If you haven’t noticed, not a single portrait all day by moi!


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