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Fall Family Portraits – Nelson-Atkins Museum – Kansas City Photographer

fall family portraits


Nelson-Atkins Fall Family Portraits

Shuttlecocks are so overdone, which is why we love finding awesome new ways to use them creatively for photos! Quite a few of my clients ask for just a bit of iconic KC in their photos when we shoot at the Nelson no matter the time of the year. Every September and October I get excited for fall family portraits. It is one of the busiest times of the year because it is soooo gorgeous!

The grounds of the museum offer such a great mix of modern and classical architecture as well as the tree-lined paths and gardens. There are pine trees, deciduous trees; everything you could ask for.

These sessions always book so quickly every fall.

These little guys were a bit unsure at first, but like every family session with little kids, I was able to win them over and we had so much fun. The most important part of photographing children is to make everything a game. Every part of our session because a silly adventure. Parents are coached beforehand to GO WITH THE FLOW! It’s all about dancing, being silly and creating a great time.


fall family portraits fall family portraits Nelson-Atkins_family_portraits_0001Nelson-Atkins_family_portraits_0001 fall family portraits Nelson-Atkins_family_portraits_0001 Nelson-Atkins_family_portraits_0001 fall family portraits fall family portraits fall family portraits


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