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Elegant Boho Kansas City Boudoir Session

Boho Boudoir Sessions Kansas City

Jordan is a bit of a free spirit. I’m not sure that’s how she’d describer herself, but seeing her from the outside. I know it’s at the core of her being. A boho boudoir session was the exact right fit for her session celebrating herself. She decided to make it happen a few weeks before her wedding at The Bowery as a gift for her husband. But it was really a gift for herself. A way to celebrate a new phase in life.

In Jordan’s own words: ” What if you simply devoted this year to loving yourself more. What if in the first moments you wake everyday, you say to yourself “Regardless of how anyone Feels about me, I am going to choose to be happy and completely myself.

One of the most important lessons I learned last year was that I had to learn to love myself and love to spend the rest of my life with myself before I could share that with my husband. I spent last year fast tracking my healing and preparing to make one of the biggest changes in my life.

So I signed up for a boudoir shoot. I went into it apprehensive and scared to be out of control of my entire shoot. I was scared that my body image wouldn’t be “good enough” to make beautiful photos and I knew I definitely wasn’t an Instagram model. I’m not sharing this to get praise or a confidence boost, but to help inspire other to try something new. Celebrate yourself. See yourself in a different light for a change. “

“Empowerment” is a bit of a trending term. Does it mean bending backwards into a sexy pose will make you an empowered woman? Maybe…but to us, the empowering part is doing something that takes courage. In moving out of your comfort zone. Boudoir asks you to  you to be your fullest self, to love yourself as you are. To be willing to see yourself in a different light.

We hear constantly beauty is skin deep, but we’re here to tell you different. True beauty comes when you’re connected to your real self in a loving and positive way.  Are you ready to accept and celebrate your unique beauty? Because we can’t wait to help you see yourself in the best light.

Hair and makeup styling is always included by our amazing stylist > Jordan!

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