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Corporate Headshot Photographer – Kansas City

Corporate Headshot Photographer – Kansas City

Dompe had a few main goals for their corporate headshots during their conference in Kansas City. First and foremost, was to match the style of headshots already on file of other employees. Matching the crop, lighting and atmosphere of the photos was important to having a cohesive look across all marketing and internal platforms. Just a short study of the previous photographer’s images and we picked a location and lighting setup that would blend seamlessly.

Most people don’t love having their photo taken, especially more than once. Some of Dompe’s employees didn’t love their previous headshots. We were happy to take on the challenge of not just capturing their likeness but to create the most engaging photos we could. No matter your comfort level, we strive to bring out your personality. Clients and colleagues will respond to portraits that look natural, friendly, powerful and convey your style and your approach to your expertise. 

We hope to make every interaction warm and comfortable to put you at ease; to get you talking, laughing and joking. A good portrait isn’t just about the lighting, the wardrobe and the setting. It’s about making a connection with the viewer through a single image.

Finally, we organized a setup in the lobby of the Fontaine where Dompe was holding their conference. We arranged a backdrop out of the way of other guests, with a bit of privacy for each subject and easy access to side tables to set down belongings, drinks, touch up makeup, etc. My assistant helped everyone prep for their shot and helped them look through images on our linked laptop, so they could select their favorite images on the spot.

On breaks and around their lunch hour, each employee was able to have to be photographed for a headshot they really loved.

I was thrilled to have been referred by my friends at The Fontaine Hotel to help Dompe capture great headshots at their corporate conference in Kansas City.

Headshot Photographer Kansas CityHeadshot Photographer Kansas City

Headshot Photographer Kansas City


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