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allison & wesley’s keystone lodge – alpenglow stube wedding – keystone wedding photographer

I wish so much luck to Allison and Wesley. They are so loved and so well-supported through their amazing families. They had a beautiful candlelit January wedding on top of Keystone mountain. They were amazing sports to venture outside in the freezing cold after dark. We also let them snuggle up afterwards with their hot chocolate.

Thanks so much to my lovely assistant Marj, who helped me lug arm-loads of gear up the mountain, through the snow and on two gondolas!

If you didn’t get a chance to sign the sheet at the wedding and would like to receive an email when the full gallery is up online for photo ordering and viewing, just drop me a note: lindsay@lindsayjphoto.com

Two gondola rides to make it to the top of Keystone mountain!
A beautiful evening view from the top of Keystone mountain.


Allison & Wesley requested a sneaky photo beforehand where they wouldn’t actually see each other, but could be in the same photograph. I was happy to oblige.


This may be the first time I’ve seen a groom help the bride bustle her dress. Adorable!






The shoe game! I love it. Questions are posed to the newlyweds…. who is the best driver? who mentioned marriage first? who is the messiest? Each person holds up either the bride or the groom’s shoe to answer the question. It’s always good for a laugh.


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Cake: Alpenglow Stube

Catering: Alpenglow Stube

Ceremony & Reception Location: Alpenglow StubeĀ 


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