how to choose a wedding photographer and how to book them

A little advice about booking a photographer:
I don't list specific packages on my website or hand them out over email. Your wedding is a custom event. I don't want to lock you into a package that includes items you don't want. I enjoy tailoring my service to meet your needs. It is so very important to find a photographer whose work you love and connect with. It's also extremely important to find a photographer that you connect with on a personal/friendship level; someone who gets you and whom you can trust. Your photographer will spend your entire wedding day right by your side -- so make sure it is someone you like! I've had brides tell us that I was more calming and more helpful than their bridesmaids...that makes me feel so wonderful!

Because of this, I believe the first step is to look through a photographers body of work and make sure it is what you would like to see for your wedding. Make sure you connect with lots of it! Be sure to see whole albums or whole weddings - and a few of them! Don't get stuck on one photo or one aspect. Once you know you love the work, then make sure that they will fit into your budget.

Our starting commission is $2495 for an 8 hour wedding in Kansas City and includes a mini engagement session (so important!), a walkthrough to visualize your wedding, a lighting assistant on the day of to make sure things go smoothly and a thumb drive of images as well as lots of advice and coordination help.

packages including two photographers, a mini session, an album, and an extra, complimentary choice from $4200

contact us for a custom quote for elopements and intimate weddings of 15 or fewer guests

Once you connect with my work and know we're in your budget range, it's time for a phone call. Let's talk a bit more about the wedding, you can gush all the details and ask what you want about my services. If I feel like you've got a good handle on my style and what you are looking for, and if you still feel comfortable, then let's schedule a get together in the studio.

In the studio you can see sample albums, ask more questions and make sure we are a good fit! I'll find out a bit more about the kinds of products you are interested in and then I'll create some custom packages for you based on your interests. I can also help you figure out how to get the most of what you want for the money you have to spend. It's my job to guide you through the process and help it all seem a little less overwhelming.

In the end, comparing packages to packages really isn't helpful (as long as they all fit into your budget range) in choosing a photographer until you've actually met them in person and seen a larger body of work. You are commissioning an artist, a wedding advisor, an heirloom creator and a best friend all rolled into one...there's no way to compare these things on paper.

Often when there is no wedding planner, the photographer is the person that keeps the day on schedule. I've called limo companies to verify times, I've rearranged schedules last minute to accommodate emergencies, I have wrangled a gaggle of semi-drunk, unruly groomsmen and giggling bridesmaids and organized them into a beautiful group of smiling friends and gotten them all to the ceremony on time! I come armed to the teeth with bobby pins, safety pins, sewing kit, crochet hook, IB Profuen, bow-tie tying instructions and so much more because I want to help make sure that your wedding day is amazing. I've tied ties, bustled dresses, lent my assistant out to help set up cupcake pyramids and so much more.

Most importantly, I remind you to breathe. I try to remind you that at the end of the day and all the chaos, the most important part isn't whether the flowers on the cake are just right, it's that you get to marry a caring, handsome man who loves you. I love being useful. I love that I have advice and organizational skills to offer. I love that I am able to treat each bride like she's my best friend and help her wedding go smoothly.

I have a unique style using journalistic techniques to capture all of those little moments, from your expression when you first see yourself dressed, to the moment your groom first sees you and the tears in dad's eyes as he gives you away. I use those same techniques to create artistic portraits that highlight your personalities and your joy.

We are a full service wedding studio. we are here to guide you through the process, giving advice and help wherever possible along the way. we always deliver amazing images and breathtaking stories from every wedding we cover.

We would love to meet you, chat a bit and get to know you better! please contact lindsay here.