do you offer boudoir sessions?

yes! absolutely! i love working with wonderful women to create amazing images that celebrate them and their bodies - just as they are! i want you to know your shoot with me is a safe, secure space to celebrate yourself and feel beautiful. that is what this photoshoot should be most about!

i don't market boudoir sessions separately from my regular wedding coverage (except for twice a year - before christmas and valentine's day, when i have mini boudoir session days!)

because so many of my clients are just regular women who just want something special for themselves and their man, i don't post images online. without getting into the nitty gritty, it's just safer for me and for you. however, i do have sample albums in the studio you are welcome to come take a peak!

the experience

i am dedicated to giving my clients a thoughtful, fun, pampering and empowering boudoir experience! i believe our photo shoot is about so much more than gorgeous, or sexy images. it's about going outside your comfort zone, celebrating the woman that you are, playing out a fantasy you've always dreamed of, and discovering the power and beauty that lies within you.

i have seen the transformational power of glamour and boudoir in the real women I work with. every woman starts off a little shy and warning me that they "aren't a model" and walks out feeling as fierce as tyra banks!

these special photo sessions with me are not a shoot and burn type of scenario. i get to know you very well in the weeks leading up to our session. i get to know what makes you tick, what you are hoping to get from the shoot and what your biggest fantasies are! we follow each other on pinterest, chat on the phone, and i even give you a little swag bag too! on the day of, we will feel like old friends and have a ton of fun, essentially playing dress up. about 7-10 days after the shoot, you will come back to the studio and we will view & select your images together! its pretty much a party!

the session

let us personally design your shoot. call the studio for complete information about your custom shoot: 816-379-6360

full sessions:

  • include a pre-shoot consultation and personalized inspiration board

  • a glass of champagne to get you loosened up and a few other treats too!

  • full hair and makeup by a senior stylist from eclektica salon in briarcliff. we love them! they are amazing!

  • a little glamour swag! :)

  • 2 - 3 hours of shooting time

  • private viewing 7-10 days after your session to view your images. we will carefully help you select your fine art products, which are an additional fee

sessions start at $445 and include a $100 album credit


first, if you are considering a boudoir session, don't wait! you don’t need to spend months dieting or working out! i am a professional! i know how to pose, light, photograph and get you to laugh all at the same time. you'll look absolutely amazing no matter what your size or shape. all you need to do is come and have fun!

nor do you need to spend oodles on a suitcase full of lingerie that you’ll rarely wear again. there are so many awesome options that are already in your closet!

we have so many wonderful tips on how to prepare for your boudoir session. give us a call to schedule your boudoir session and we'll arm you with our handy-dandy guide on how to pick outfits and so much more!

give us a call to schedule your session: 816-379-6360

what should i wear?

wear whatever makes you feel sexy and sassy! you don't have to be naked or even nearly so to do a boudoir session.

here are some ideas:

  • little black dress and string of pearls!

  • sexy undies and killer heels

  • favorite sports jersey

  • cowboy boots and a plaid/denim button up shirt with dangly earrings

  • super hero t-shirt and thigh-high stockings!

  • a good lacey bra is a must

  • silky robe

  • cute camisole

  • oversized chunky knit sweater

  • pencil skirt, awesome heels and tights with a seam

  • your shiniest lipgloss

  • fancy party dress

  • bottle of perfume

  • your bridal veil! (& undies)

  • leather jacket?

  • don't forget the acessories (hair things and jewelry, fun hats)

  • one of his dress shirts

  • tutu or other ruffly skirt

other prop ideas:

  • flowers

  • oversized lollipop

  • american flag, sports team flag...

where can we do the boudoir session?

in studio
we have a wonderful studio space with both natural light and our own lighting setups. we have lots of textures, sheer curtains and other elements to make your session fun and get a lot of great looks. we also have a bed that we use during sessions for a more realisitc setting.

at home
on some occasions we travel to our clients' homes. some people want that personal touch. it does take a bit of extra time for us to scope things out and set up the appropriate lighting, however, it's always exciting to do a session somewhere new! clients are often more comfortable in their own home.

cushy local hotel
we also can pick from some amazing hotels we've worked with in the past. having your session in a hotel room is a wonderful treat. there is a bit of an additional charge, however, perhaps you can surprise your man with a night out on the town and then crash there afterwards!