Leandra & Jeff’s Monarch Room Wedding

There were so many lovely moments throughout Leandra and Jeff’s wedding day. Their Monarch Room wedding was a fun one, filled with close friends and family. I feel so blessed to always find such kind, amazing, genuine clients. The amazing people that surrounded Leandra and Jeff on their wedding day were a testament to their generosity and love. So many testimonials to both of their spirits on their wedding day.All of the little details were beautiful from her purple and blue hydrangea bouquet to her beautiful lace dress from The Gown Gallery to the adorable flowergirl’s dress. It was a pleasure to be there for you. 

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Thank you to the other vendors that helped out throughout the day.


Preparation Location: Posh KC Blow Dry Bar

Hotel: Ambassador Hotel Kansas City, Autograph Collection Reception

Location: The Monarch Room

Dress: The Gown Gallery

Musicians: Crescendo Trio

Caterer: Jack Russell BBQ