about lindsay

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Wedding photography for real people. Vibrant, joyous, intimate moments with minimum posing and zero stress.

my approach

I cultivate images with vibrant, joyous, intimate moments, minimum posing and zero stress. My approach is warm, laid-back and personal. I captures moments that warm your heart and touch your soul. The images we create are inspired by stunning scenery and real connections between the families and couples I photograph and the people that mean the most to them. Be sure to read reviews – you’ll find dozens of glowing comments from clients.

Before the big day there are countless hours of preparation and many, many hours of hard work afterward.  Not only am I dedicated to capturing those moments on the wedding day, I am also dedicated to quality post-production work to ensure my clients have the best images; something to be proud of and enjoy for many years.

about you

My clients understand that great photography takes talent and skill on many levels. You are excited about capturing every aspect of your wedding. You hope to have the entire story laid out for you, so you can remember each little moment for years to come. Many of my clients have backgrounds in art, photography or dance. Creatives attract creatives apparently. :) Whether they dream of a laid-back, backyard wedding with bbq and lawn games or a fancy, black-tie event with 500+ guests, my clients always appreciate our amazing, personalized service and excellent attention to detail. Whether your favorite part is the candid moments we capture of friends and family, the personal portraits or just the fact that we will remind you to breathe and enjoy your wedding day, we know we can make you happy and reduce the stress of your wedding day.

about me

Very recently, my husband and I returned to the mid-west after our four year stint in Colorado. :) It’s nice to be back closer to family and I’m looking forward to serving the Kansas City area as well as continuing to shoot in Colorado throughout the summer.

As for our previous adventures in Colorado, maybe they’ll tell you a little about me. Almost five years ago my husband, my dog and I moved to the Denver suburbs in Colorado. I didn’t know a soul (except for my husband and dog of course). I was scared to death that all of the blizzard footage I saw of Colorado every day on the television was accurate. Clearly, there was nothing to worry about. I happily settled in, met some amazing colleagues. A second dog came along about 8 months later. The house is still filled with furry craziness.

contradictions (clearly, I’m nuts and love putting things in parenthesis)

I was in advanced math classes all through school (secret: I hate math).
I have a political science degree but no desire to ever become a lawyer (fact memorization is not my thing).
I believe that a woman can do anything she puts her mind to… I use mine to garden, cook, bake, knit, sew, play music, decorate, design and generally be creative. Insert Beetlejuice line: Delia, “…but I must express myself. If you don’t let me … make it my own, I will go insane and I will take you with me!”  It’s kind of like that. :)
I am an endlessly creative person, but married a man who’s favorite color is grey. (go figure)

qualifications & resume
Beyond my madness and love for people, I also have skillz. ;)

I’ve worked with, around or on photography since a very young age. I graduated from the University of Missouri – Columbia’s renowned School of Journalism (it’s where I also got that poly sci degree mentioned earlier). I interned at a news website in London for 5 months prior to graduation. I also worked at the Cedar Rapids Gazette in Cedar Rapids, Iowa as a staff photographer prior starting my wedding photography business in Colorado and Missouri. I worked as a photographer, photo editor and assistant director of photography at the local newspaper in Columbia. I still freelance for newspapers, magazines for editorial and commercial assignments. There is nothing better in life than variety.

I have covered everything from sports action to the drama of a police funeral and presidential candidates including the Iowa Caucuses in 2007. Journalism has provided an excellent foundation for conceptualizing assignments. The nuances of this process produce better work, whether the final product is a business portrait, a magazine spread, or a once in a lifetime event.

My work has been published in the LA Times, CNN, Fox News and various other news organizations as well as magazines and other publications.